Dec. 25, 2015. Farewell of Ms. Irie

The secretory, Ms. Irie, left our lab. Thank you for supporting us!

Nov. 8, 2015. Open campus experience program

We have carried out an experience program named `The fact exists in ray' as an event of open campus. It is a demonstration that invisible becomes visible based on our research techniques such as polarization, fluorescence, and light filed. We made a story nature so that children enjoy.

Nov. 6-7, 2015. CVIM/GCAD workshop

IPSJ CVIM/GCAD Workshop was held in Kobe, Aoi presented her work about image projection onto multi-layered screens by generating 4-D light field. She got much advice from computer graphics folks as well as computer vision folks.

Nov. 2-5, 2015. SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 student volunteer

Three students from our lab joined in SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 in Kobe as volunteer. Since it was the first time to attend international conference for them, English commnucation seemed to be hard. It was a very good experience.

Oct. 16, 2015. CEDEC2015 Audience award

Prof. Kubo presented his research of `Introduction of Real-time Rendering of Subsurface Scattering according to Translucency' at CEDEC2015. He demonstrated it on a smartphone, which was believed to require enormous amount of computational time. This achievement got Audience Award.

Sep. 6-19, 2015. Lab stay at Hunan university

As an international expansion initiative, Takafumi visited at Hunan University in China for two weeks, and has been practicing computer vision with local students. He held cultural exchanges through many events such as international workshops and the visit in Zhangjiajie.

Aug. 26-28, 2015. CEDEC2015 at Yokohama

Prof. Kubo introduced a real-time shader for translucent objects at CEDEC2015, which is the Japanese largest conference for game developers, held at Yokohama.

Aug. 22-23, 2015. Second lab trip

We went to Awaji island as the second summer lab trip. The itinerary includes all kinds of cruise, whirlpool, and fishing. We found that only 1$ fishing rods can fish well unexpectedly.

Aug. 5-7, 2015. Super science high school

As part of the Super Science High School (SSH) system, we accepted three students from Nishiyamato Gakuen high School. We asked them to tackle the task of computer vision and graphics entitled ``Let's transfer the texture to CG''. They were very enthusiastic, did a lot of the tasks we prepared, and produced more than expected. We hope that they can make good use of this experience, and hopefully we will be able to study together someday.

Aug. 3, 2015. Green Lab Harvest festival

We harvested ripe tomatoes and watermelons in our green lab. Surprisingly, the tomatoes look better than ones sold in supermarkets. We expected that watermelons grown by amateurs would be not so sweet, but actually the sugar content was over 11. Takafumi and Shun measured the distribution of the sugar content.

July 27-30, 2015. MIRU2015

The biggest event of summer in Japanese computer vision field is MIRU. Our laboratory presented two invited talks (CVPR and ECCV), three interactive sessions, and one demo. At the young researchers meeting, the group of Kenichiro received the Young Excellence Award, and the group of Takafumi received the Best Young Excellence Award.

July 17-18, 2015. Wakayama fruit sorting site

We went to a fruit sorting site in Wakayama to find out how the fruits are sorted. Seeing peaches and plums being selected at high speed by the combination of human eye and spectroscopic analysis, we learned about the technology needed in this field.

July 1, 2015. GCAD workshop

At the GCAD workshop held at Hiroshima University, Shigenobu presented our research of the optical replica for reproducing texture of calligraphy. We actually brought a replica of the calligraphy and let the participants see the quality. We think that we could show that not only reflected light but also transmitted light can be reproduced.

June 30, 2015. Farewell of Ms. Nobori

Ms. Nobori, the secretary who has been supporting our research, will take a rest for a while. Thank you so far.

June 10, 2015. CVPR2015

Kenichiro's research on multiple high-frequency illumination was accepted as an oral presentation at CVPR2015, a top conference in the field of computer vision, so he went to Boston for presentation with Prof. Mukaigawa.
The oral presenter had to present at the poster as well. Many researchers came to hear the technical details.

May 22, 2015. Green Lab

NAIST has a research farm called `Green Lab’. Our lab starts to grow some vegetables such as tomato and watermelon. The aim is to make defective vegetables due to sick and lack of sunshine.

May 18-19, 2015. CVIM Workshop

At the CVIM workshop held at Miraikan, Takafumi presented the results of joint research with Yanmar Co., Ltd. Ms. Inoshita (currently Canon) presented ``Shape from Scattering: Shape Estimation for Translucent Objects based on Light Transport Analysis'' in the doctoral session.
Geo Cosmos, the symbol of Miraikan, is powerful. If we lie on the sofa and look at it, our mind will rest.

May 16, 2015. Open Campus

We held an open campus for students preparing for an entrance examination. A new M1 member, who has just been assigned to our laboratory, also tried to introduce our research.
After the lab tour, M1 students gave some advice on examination. They introduced their experience about mathematics and research proposal.

Apr. 17, 2015. Best Paper Presentation Award

Hajime won the Best Paper Presentation Award for his research on light field presented at the Kansai-section Joint Convention of Institute of Electrical Engineering in November last year. The certificate will be displayed in the laboratory.

Apr. 14, 2015. Welcome New Students!

New eight members joined to our lab. The number of students has doubled. It's going to be lively. On the first day of the assignment, we had a welcome party for the new members.

Mar. 12, 2015. Interview for NAIST PR magazine

There were an interview for NAIST PR magazine. Usually, we select a few students, but we decided to introduce all students.. After that, it was published at the end of May.

Mar. 7, 2015. CICP2014 Best award

We demonstrated our research accepted in the student research project CICP2014 of NAIST. It took a lot of time to prepare, but we were able to create a highly complete demo system.
As a result of the vote, we were able to win the Best award. Hajime, the project leader, received a certificate.

Mar. 7, 2015. Open Campus

We showed our laboratory for the open campus. We introduced our unique student room to visitors.
M1 students also introduced their research. Takanori demonstrated the analysis of scattering using ToF camera.

Mar. 2, 2015. New associate professor

Prof. Funatomi joined our lab. Since his birthday was a week ago, he celebrated his arrival and birthday with a cake.

Feb. 26, 2015. Visitors from National Institute of Technology, Anan College

About 40 visitors came from National Institute of Technology, Anan College and we introduced our lab to them. We demonstrated light field camera and ToF camera. Aoi is also from National Institute of Technology, Anan College, so she introduced the daily life at NAIST as a senior.

Jan. 22, 2015. Workshop

Four joint workshops, CVIM, PRMU, MVE, and SIG-MR, were held at NAIST. We gave a lot of research presentations including Prof. Mukaigawa's special talk, Kenichiro's oral presentation, and Hajime's poster presentation.