Dec. 24, 2014. Year-end party

Because schedule adjustment was difficult, we held a year-end party on Christmas Eve! But we have enjoyed sashimi of chicken instead of turkey. Have a great new year!

Dec. 1, 2014. New wood-grain desks

All desks have been renewed to new wood-grain ones. The feeling has drastically changed. New furniture are good!

Nov. 24, 2014. Poster Session at KJCIEE

Hajime presented a new refocusing method using light field at Kansai Joint Convention of Institutes of Electrical Engineering (KJCIEE).

Nov. 19, 2014. Creative circle

The circular sofa was installed at near the entrance to discuss, chat, think, and rest. We call this area as `creative circle'.

Nov. 9, 2014. Takayama Science Town Festival

We have held a Takayama science town festival as an outreach activity. This year, we introduced various photography techniques using near-infrared light entitled ``Introduction to the world of the near-infrared light''. By using near-infrared light, we demonstrated that veins can be seen through the palm of the hand, that the soy sauce which looks black with our eye is transparent and that the counterfeit printing for bills can be seen.

Sep. 11-12, 2014. Innovation Japan 2014

We have introduced ``Descattering of Transmissive Observation using Parallel High-frequency Illumination'' on Innovation Japan 2014 at Tokyo Big sight. We were happy that many visitors were interested in our visual system.

Aug. 6-7, 2014. Lab trip

We visited historic temples in Nara for the first lab trip. The itinerary includes so many activities such as ink making, `goma' ceremony, sutra copying, ice cream making and brewery tour. It was a fulfilling two days.

June 2, 2014. New assistant professor!

Prof. Kubo joined our lab. We had welcome party at Taiwanese restaurant near from NAIST.

May 17, 2014. New Lab

Many visitors came to our laboratory. The showcase was under construction. Ms. Inoshita, who is a Ph.D course student at Osaka University, came to help the introduction.

Apr. 15, 2014. Welcome new members!

New five members were assigned to our lab. They are the first students! We have a simple welcome party.

Apr. 1, 2014. New carpet

All carpets in our lab room were replaced overall. The part corresponding to the corridor becomes red, which is the symbol color of NAIST Information Science, so it became like "Red Carpet". There is less furniture yet, so a wide space spreads out.

Mar. 8, 2014. Open Campus

We showed our lab room as open campus. Since the experimental room is under construction, we introduced the goal of our laboratory at entrance of the experimental room.

Feb. 3, 2014. New Lab

The new `Optical Media Interface Lab’ was established. Now there is nothing, but we are preparing research and study environments to accept new students from April.