Feb. 16, 2024, Flower bouquet

We received bouquets from alumni Mr. Mihara, Mr. Ohno, Mr. Kajiwara, and Mr. Ueda to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our laboratory. We took some photos of them with some items related to their research.

Feb. 2, 2024, 10th anniversary of the lab

Ten years have passed since the laboratory was established in February 2014, so we celebrated the laboratory turning 10 years old. Several alumni also joined us online. The birthday cake can be seen in the center.

Jan. 26, 2024, Visit to Microsoft

Prof. Funatomi, Prof. Kitano, and Kazuma, who were in the United States, visited the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond and had a meeting with Professor Ikeuchi and colleagues who are doing collaborative research. Our current focus is on researching the spectral analysis of ancient tomb murals.

Jan. 25, 2024, AROB2024@Beppu

At the international symposium AROB2024 held in Beppu, Ryuki presented research results on the estimation of soil moisture using a thermal camera. This study contributes to the fundamental technology for the safe navigation of robots in disaster scenarios.

Jan. 23, 2024, EI2024@San Francisco

At the international conference EI2024 held in San Francisco, Kazuma presented research results on fluorescent dye detection using a liquid crystal variable retarder. This is the result of joint research with Kyushu University.