The research topics in our laboratory include Computer Vision to understand scenes according to visual information obtained by a camera, and Computer Graphics to generate rich visual information for human. We are aiming to realize a new interface that enables human and machine to interact through optical media based on cutting edge researches.

The concrete research topics are as follows.

What's new

Apr. 15/2016
New M1 students joined to our lab.
Mar. 5/2016
The paper of ``4D Light-field Segmentation with Spatial and Angular Consistencies'' written by Hajime Mihara (M2) was accepted to ICCP2016 which is the top international conference in the computational photography field.
Nov. 5/2015
Hajime Mihara (M2) received Best Student Volunteer Award from SIGGRAPH Asia 2015.
Apr. 17/2015
Hajime Mihara (M2) received The Best Paper Presentation Award from The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers Kansai.
Mar. 7/2015
The project reader, Hajime Mihara (M2), received The Best Research Project Award of the NAIST CICP (Creative and International Competitiveness Project) 2014 for their ``An Object Removing System based on Light Field Acquiring''.
Mar. 2/2015
Associate Professor Takuya Funatomi joined to our lab.
June 2/2014
Assistant Professor Hiroyuki Kubo joined to our lab.
Apr. 15/2014
New M1 students joined to our lab.
This laboratory starts.
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