Dec. 19, 2022. Science Japan

Our CREST project was previously introduced as an article in JSTnews, and the English version of the article was also posted on JST's international website Science Japan. We hope that this article will catch the attention of overseas students who are looking for a place to study in Japan.

Dec. 12, 2022. Interview results

We were interviewed in September about our joint research with Nakamura lab at NAIST, Kubo lab at Chiba University, and OLM Digital. The results were published on the IMAGICA GROUP website. It is interesting to see the difference in the way of thinking of each researcher.

Dec. 2, 2022. Prof. Kubo of Chiba University

Prof. Funatomi visited Kubo laboratory in Chiba University. Prof. Kubo was an assistant professor in our laboratory until about three years ago, and we are still conducting many joint research projects.

Nov. 19, 2022. Takayama Science Town Festival

As part of the Takayama Science Town Festival, an open campus was held at NAIST. This year again, we demonstrated human body pose estimation using a ToF camera, which was enjoyed by many children.

Nov. 18-19, 2022. CGVI workshop

Tomoki presented his research results on spectral decomposition of geometric transformation fields at the CGVI workshop held at Kumamoto University. The presentation was realized by local participation instead of online.

Nov. 6, 2022. Arizona State University

A photo was delivered from Mayuka, who is currently studying at Arizona State University. She went hiking in South Mountain Park with the lab members. Everyone is doing a cactus pose.

Nov. 1, 2022. Mitsubishi Electric

Prof. Mukaigawa, Prof. Funatomi, and Siyuan visited Mitsubishi Electric for a joint research meeting. Prof. Kubo of Chiba University, who is also a member of the joint research, and graduates of our laboratory also gathered. It was a little reunion.

Oct. 21-22, 2022. Moonshot project meeting

JST Moonshot project meeting was held in Tokyo, and Prof. Mukaigawa and Ryuki participated. Ryuki presented the progress of soil water content estimation using a far-infrared camera.

Oct. 16-19, 2022. ICIP2022

Prof. Funatomi, Kessy, and Yohanssen attended IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP2022) in Bordeaux, France, and presented their research results. Overseas business trips are resuming.

Oct. 5, 2022. JSTnews

The CREST project led by our laboratory was introduced as a special article in JSTnews, a public relations magazine of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

Oct. 3, 2022. Financial contribution award

Prof. Mukaigawa and Prof. Funatomi received the Financial Contribution Award. They contribute not only to research but also to university administration.

Sep. 30, 2022. Interview

We were interviewed about our joint research with OLM Digital, a digital animation production company. The article will be published soon.

Sep. 1, 2022. Joint farewell party

Johannes, a special research student from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, who has been working on object fingerprint authentication for about four months, will return to Germany soon. Also, today is the last day for Diego, who has been working on NeRF for about a month as his summer internship. Therefore, we held a joint farewell party.

Aug. 18-31, 2022. Summer internship

Two students visited our lab as a summer internship, and they challenged a task using a light field display. It is a new system that display depth information measured with a ToF camera, but they were able to complete it successfully.

Aug. 4, 2022. Interview

The latest research results were interviewed and photographs were taken by a professional photographer. It will be published as an article in the near future.

Aug. 3-5, 2022. SSH

As a part of the Super Science High School Program, we accepted a high school student from Nishiyamato Gakuen. He experienced imaging using a light field camera. He also tried Python programming for the first time.

July 25-28,2022. MIRU2022

MIRU2022 was held in Himeji, and we were able to participate in person for the first time in three years. We were able to take a rare photo of all past doctral students of our lab.

June 19-24, 2022. CVPR2022

Mr. Nagase, who graduated in 2021 and is currently working for NEC, attended the international conference CVPR2022 held in New Orleans, USA with Dr. Kushida. He presented his master's thesis on distance measurement using a far-infrared camera.

June 8-10, 2022. Symposium on Sensing via Image Information (SSII2022)

Prof. Mukaigawa gave a talk on new usage of Time-of-Flight information in the organized session of SSII2022 held in Yokohama. Former laboratory members Dr. Aoto and Prof. Takatani also came to the venue. Mr. Inoue, who graduated from our laboratory three years ago and now works for Ricoh, also came.

May 18, 2022. Mario Ryu Ramen

Mr. Mikami, who graduated in 2019 and is currently working for Yahoo, went to Mario Ryu ramen shop with Dr. Kushida and Prof. Kitano. There are many famous ramen shops in Nara.

May 14, 2022. Open campus

For the first time in two years, we were able to hold an open campus with local participation in addition to online. We are glad that many people have visited our laboratory.

May 11, 2022. First all together

For the past two years, our lab meetings have been held online, but now the new M1 students have been assigned and all the international students have arrived in Japan, we gathered together for the first time. We rented a lecture room to avoid being too close to each other, and held a lab orientation including self-introductions.

Apr. 30, 2022. BBQ

The number of COVID-19 infected people in Nara has been decreasing, so we held a BBQ party as a Golded Week event while taking countermeasures against infection. All the international students who had been unable to enter Japan for a long time finally came together for a lively welcome party.

Apr. 1, 2022. Prof. Kitano

Dr. Kitano, who completed his doctoral course in March of last year, has returned to our laboratory as an assistant professor after a year's absence. Prof. Kitano, it is our pleasure to meet you again.

Mar. 25, 2022. Nara National Museum

We visited the Nara National Museum and observed the restoration site of cultural properties. The study of the restoration of cultural properties using our measurement technology has begun.

Mar. 24, 2022. Graduation ceremony

Neither a welcome party nor a farewell party could be held, but eight students were able to complete their master's course. We look forward to their success.

Mar. 8, 2022. Forum on Visual Expression and Art Science

The Forum on Visual Expression and Art Science was held, and Shintaro presented his research results on corresponding regions of animation line drawings. This is the result of joint research with animation production company OLM Digital, Inc.

Mar. 7, 2022. Internship

An internship student from Osaka stayed in the laboratory for a week. The student worked on CG rendering and visualization of microstructures on the surface of an object, and was able to discover new phenomena that we had not been aware of.

Mar. 3, 2022. Yamashita SIG Research Award.

Prof. Fujimura received IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award. There was an award ceremony at the national convention held at Ehime University, but Prof. Fujimura was the only awardee who attended the ceremony.

Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 2022. Spring seminar

A spring seminar was held, and participants challenged the task of "Let's sharpen fog images by deep learning!". Three people from Tokyo, Gunma, and Oita participated online, but a participant from Hyogo was able to participate face-to-face.

Feb. 9, 2022. Graduates working for SONY

As usual, our graduates Mr. Mihara, Mr. Ohno, and Mr. Ueda told us about their work at SONY. Mr. Ohno has started working in Germany in spite of the COVID-19 disaster. We wish him good health and success.

Feb. 9, 2022. Master thesis presentation

There were 4 master's thesis presentations the day before yesterday and 4 presentations today. All of the M2 students were able to finish the presentation. Prof. Tanaka of Ritsumeikan University also came for the review.

Feb. 7, 2022. Internship

Erika stayed for a week as an internship. With the support of Ryo, she challenged the CG expression of metal based on measurement.

Jan. 27-28, 2022. CVIM workshop

Haruka presented a research of past event estimation using a far-infrared camera at the CVIM workshop. At this workshop, Prof. Takatani, an alumnus of our laboratory, also gave an invited talk on event cameras.

Jan. 25-27, 2022. MI workshop

Tomoki presented a research to analyze the deformation of human embryos during development at the MI workshop. We were looking forward to going to Yakushima for the hybrid meeting, but it was changed to online meeting just before.

Jan. 14, 2022. Chairs for doctoral students.

The chairs for the doctoral students have also been completely replaced with new ergonomic ones. Unlike ones for master students, the new chairs have ottomans so that they can be creative.