Admission in 2020

Takamasa Aoyama

Master thesis

Visual Separation and Distance Estimation of Multi-layered Objects Using Full-waveform LiDAR

Yuta Ikusaka

Master thesis

Time-Resolved Inverse Radiosity: Simultaneous Estimation of Reflectance and Shape

Haruka Saito

Master thesis

Investigation of widening view angle of pinhole and past event estimation from far-infrared images for surveillance cameras

Ryuta Shitomi

Master thesis

Estimation Thickness and Mixing Ratio of Pigments from Spectral Images Using Physical Model-based AutoEncoder

Hibiki Chinen

Master thesis

Time-of-Flight Measurement of Specular Object Using Spatial Coordinate Embedding in Time Axis

Yasuto Nagase

Master thesis

Passive Depth Sensing Using Multi-spectral LWIR Measurements

International Conference

Y. Nagase, T. Kushida, K. Tanaka, T. Funatomi, Y. Mukaigawa, ``Shape from Thermal Radiation: Passive Ranging Using Multi-spectral LWIR Measurements'', Proc. CVPR2022, June 2022.

Shintaro Hamaguchi

Master thesis

Region Correspondence of Line Drawing Using Machine Learning from Colorized Anime Images without Annotation

Shun Fukui

Master thesis

Soil Moisture Estimation via Surface Temperature Changes in Heating and Cooling