The research topics in our laboratory include Computer Vision to understand scenes according to visual information obtained by a camera, and Computer Graphics to generate rich visual information for human. We are aiming to realize a new interface that enables human and machine to interact through optical media based on cutting edge researches.

What's new

Apr. 14/2017
New M1 students joined to our lab.
Apr. 3/2017
Assistant Professor Kenichiro Tanaka joined to our lab.
Mar. 16-17/2017
This laboratory hosted an International Multidisciplinary Workshop on Sensing, Reconstruction, and Recognition of Environment. We invited eight young researchers from France and Japan, and we deepened the discussion from various perspectives including geometry, photometry, and robotics.
Oct. 1/2016
Tsuyoshi Takatani (D1) and Arnaud Delmotte (special research student) joined to our lab.
Apr. 15/2016
New M1 students joined to our lab.
Mar. 5/2016
The paper of ``4D Light-field Segmentation with Spatial and Angular Consistencies'' written by Hajime Mihara (M2) was accepted to ICCP2016 which is the top international conference in the computational photography field.
Nov. 5/2015
Hajime Mihara (M2) received Best Student Volunteer Award from SIGGRAPH Asia 2015.
Apr. 17/2015
Hajime Mihara (M2) received The Best Paper Presentation Award from The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers Kansai.
Mar. 7/2015
The project reader, Hajime Mihara (M2), received The Best Research Project Award of the NAIST CICP (Creative and International Competitiveness Project) 2014 for their ``An Object Removing System based on Light Field Acquiring''.
Mar. 2/2015
Associate Professor Takuya Funatomi joined to our lab.
June 2/2014
Assistant Professor Hiroyuki Kubo joined to our lab.
Apr. 15/2014
New M1 students joined to our lab.
This laboratory starts.
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