• Open student room

  • Computer vision experiment in the dark room

  • Various cameras and lenses

  • Discussions in the student room

  • Experiment using optics

  • Experiment in unusual environmental test site

  • Computer graphics

  • Discussions in the meeting room.

  • Experiment in the Miraikan

  • Muscle measurement experiment


The research topics in our laboratory include Computer Vision to understand scenes according to visual information obtained by a camera, and Computer Graphics to generate rich visual information for human. We are aiming to realize a new interface that enables human and machine to interact through optical media based on cutting edge researches.

What's new

April 1, 2022
Assistant Professor Kazuya Kitano joined to our lab.
Mar. 28, 2022
We have issued a Press Release on a technology of a mathematical method to calibrate scans of stained-glass windows to account for changes in natural light.